Friday, September 25, 2009

My Favorite Time of Year

I love fall...Love it! I love everything about it - smell in the air, fall foods, fall festivals, the colors, the feeling of going back-to-school (and the need to buy school supplies), and the holidays. It is absolutely my favorite time of year. I don't even mind that it means Winter is right around the corner. I especially love Halloween. Halloween is my Mother's birthday and so it has always been 2nd only to Christmas in my family. My husband and I even got married the day before Halloween. I am trying my best to hold my enthusiasm in check and NOT get the Halloween decorations out until at least October 1st. I did started burning some fall scented candles - just to get a little "fall fix". My plan is to get some cleaning and organizing done this weekend (no excuses) so that we will be ready for all that fall has to offer. A trip to Tuttle Orchards for some apples might be in order.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dogs days of summer

The dogs days of summer tend to make everything run a little slower - including my blog updates. We picked the rest of the veggies yesterday (peppers, some carrots, the last cucumber and head of cabbage) along with a pile of parsley and basil. Then we mowed down the entire thing. This was not my best garden year. The weeds grew beyond my control. In addition, the tomatoes were hit hard by blight - never ripening just rotting on the vine.

The girls (and Stevie) are 17 weeks old now - quickly approaching laying age. Buff Orpingtons are supposed to start laying sometime around 24 weeks. Developed in the UK, they are a hardy bird that should continue to lay during the winter months. We still have many items to complete on the coop's "to-do" list in the next few weeks: insulate the walls, build the nest boxes, finish painting the west side, put board around the base (keep little critters out), and do something with Stevie. I wonder if the local pet adoption agency takes chickens.