Monday, October 19, 2009

Nest Boxes and a new home for Stevie

Much has been happening at Windy Acres. As usual, there is plenty of outside work to do even when the temperatures start to drop. Last week we were able to get the chicken coop insulated for winter. I can definitely feel the difference inside - nice and toasty. The chickens have been spending much more time up on the roost - working their way up the ladder. The night before last five rather large chickens (including Stevie) were all squished together on the top roost. I guess they help keep each other warm. The sixth chicken has been making herself a little nest on the floor and we were worried that she is getting ready to lay.

So Keith got the next boxes built this weekend and they look great. So far it doesn't look like anyone has used them, so I'm going to see about getting a couple fake eggs. The book says that can help get them into the box. The girls are 22 weeks old and should start laying anytime.

We are also happy to report that we have found a new home for Stevie. This has been a very hard decision as Stevie is one of the two survivors of the great chicken massacre of 2009. We only wanted pullets so we would get unfertilized eggs and Stevie ended up being a boy. He is a beautiful bird and we hate to see him go. We have been in a quandary as to how to find him a new home. Everyone just kept telling us to kill him and roast him. We could never do that to Stevie!

Last Saturday we took a drive to Tractor Supply as we knew that Nancy from P.A.W.S. was going to be there. She runs a local animal rescue and figured she would be the one person that would know how to put us in contact with someone either in need of a rooster or willing to take him as a pet. We were right! She knew a woman in the northern part of our county who also has Buff Orpingtons and needs a new rooster as hers is crippled. We were so happy. So tonight, we are going to meet at Tractor Supply for the great Rooster hand-off.

Stevie - we will miss you and your crowing but we know that you will be happy.