Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And then there were 17

After the trauma of the massacre, Keith contacted the hatchery to let them know what had happened. Come to find out, the USPS is not supposed to just leave live chicks on the porch in plain view of chicken-eating-varmints. Who'd a thunk that...anyway the hatchery said they would ship out a new batch at no charge. That was yesterday. This morning as Keith was on the road to work - he got a call that our new guests had arrived. He quickly turned around, headed back home and was able to get the chicks settled in their new temporary quarters before heading back to work (again).

They are sooo cute.

Now I can't tell Blondie and Steve from the rest of the flock. Alas, we are only going to be keeping 6 of them as the rest are going on to new pastures.


  1. Hi. I'm Kim. My husband is a frequent poster at INGO. Welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to more tales of triumph as you share your life and experience with the world.

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  3. More photos please!
    I love 'em!
    (We're on INGO too)

  4. got some new pics up today - enjoy1