Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is that animal under the deck???

Our 2 dogs have been going a little nuts the last couple of days when we've let them out. Scratching and whining at something under the deck. Last time it was a cat, and the time before that a raccoon (yes we think that was the one that committed the massacre.)

Not so lucky this time.

And not just 1 small skunk, but a whole young skunk family. I went out to take pictures and thought that the skunk had started getting loose from the cage. It's been gnawing at the wire.

Nope, I shift positions and it's 2 other small skunks on the outside. They notice me and meandered back under the deck.

So, I'm calling around to various animal rescue & removal services (phone book title,) since the county Animal Control doesn't deal with wild animals.

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