Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meet the newest member of Windy Acres

Looks like we have adopted a kitten. Last Thursday night, Keith (and the dogs) heard a crying outside. We headed outside with a flashlight, and followed the sound - which turned out to be a small kitten sitting under our '61 Ford Falcon. He was all wet and crying non-stop. He came right up to us and let us pet him. We brought out some dog food and boy was he hungry! We don't think he is more than 8-9 weeks old. Well, we fed him the next morning too and decided to try and bring him inside the house Friday night. We also found out he has a sibling which is currently living under our deck (what is it with our deck and critters?). This one is a true scaredy-cat and flees at the slightest movement or sound. He will come up to feed but then he is gone again as soon as we move. We haven't fully decided on a name yet, though we are leaning toward Dirty Harry (Harry for short). We started with the Cat with No Name (after the Clint Eastwood character "the man with no name" in some of his westerns), then Clint which didn't seem right for a kitten. Dirty Harry seemed a better name - plus he sort of squints like Clint. We need to get him fixed and over to the vet for tests. For now, he is enjoying the lush life in our spare bedroom.

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