Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 Weeks old and Gettin' Even Bigger (More pics)

That's Keith holding Stevie. Once they have been picked up - they seem to become more at ease with being handled.

10 Weeks old and Gettin' Even Bigger

I don't think we can really call them chicks anymore - they are officially chickens! There is plenty of cluckin' going on in the Little Deuce Coop (our now officially named chicken coop). You can see how big they are - probably about 3-4 pounds each. It also seems to be clearer everyday that Stevie really is a "Steve". That's Stevie in the front - struttin' in the yard.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is that animal under the deck???

Our 2 dogs have been going a little nuts the last couple of days when we've let them out. Scratching and whining at something under the deck. Last time it was a cat, and the time before that a raccoon (yes we think that was the one that committed the massacre.)

Not so lucky this time.

And not just 1 small skunk, but a whole young skunk family. I went out to take pictures and thought that the skunk had started getting loose from the cage. It's been gnawing at the wire.

Nope, I shift positions and it's 2 other small skunks on the outside. They notice me and meandered back under the deck.

So, I'm calling around to various animal rescue & removal services (phone book title,) since the county Animal Control doesn't deal with wild animals.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Exploring the World Outside

Last week the chickens were moved to the new coop and had their first big adventure outside. What fun for their birthday - today they are 7 weeks old! BTW - the big one toward the front is Stevie our first...and...we're pretty sure that Stevie is really Steve.