Friday, March 25, 2011

Mud & Dogs Round 2

Last night Keith and I went Round 2 in our battle of the mud vs. dogs. I came home and walked into the living room only to see Sandy in the crate with that "I'm sorry mommy" look on her sweet face. I asked the obvious "what happened?", to which Keith responded "what do you think happened?" The trail of muddy paw prints from the back door to the front of her crate told the story. Keith had made the mistake of leaving the dogs to their own devices for a mere 5 minutes in the backyard. It is truly amazing what a dog can do in such a short span of time. Don't think she was the only one, Abby was muddy too - just not quite as bad (or as visible on a black dog).

So there we were after dinner prepping the bathtub for eight doggy pedicures (two dogs x four paws). First up was Sandy who had no intention of getting into the tub voluntarily. Keith had to pick all 70 lbs. of her up and place her into the water. He held her still while I scrubbed. The water turned almost black from the amount of mud that has somehow wedged itself between every hair and every toe on her paws. Luckily this time I had thought to pickup all of the mats and rugs before our little round of puppy bath time. Once all cleaned and dried, we opened the door to let Sandy out and Abby in who happened to be sitting against the door wondering why she was left out of all the fun. She didn't think it was really all that much fun once she realized what she was in for. Once the dogs were done, then the mopping began. On days like this I really am thankful for the hardwood floors. Just the thought of all that mud on a carpet gives me the willies - yuck.

We can thank the weird and wacky Indiana weather for the mud. This week we went from sunny and 70 degrees on Wednesday - to wind, thunderstorms, tornado warnings and hail by Wednesday night - to snow flurries by Thursday morning.

Of course, we can thank the dogs for the mud holes in the yard.

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